Firewalk Empowerment Seminars


One Day seminars where your group will build the fire, connect to the Celtic spiritual self, and walk through fire. 

Carolyn was trained by the father of the Firewalking movement, Tolley Burkan, in 2004: Over two million westerners have firewalked to improve their life.  Firewlaking demonstrates how your htoughts can impact everything in your life.  You can achieve mind over body and defy logic and physical reality by stepping on coals that are burning at 1200 degrees.  Positive thinkers have different DNA and blood chemistry from negative thinkers.  When you change your energy to believe you can walk through fire, and you do walk through fire, you change your way of looking at life, yourself and your capacity to achieve whatever you set your mind to.  It is transformative.  It is liberating. It is possible.

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