Hypnosis & Transpersonal Trainings

Hypnosis 101: Experience Hypnosis for yourself.  Find out if  you are good at giving hypnosis to another, or being a good subject.  Learn about self-hypnosis. Hypnosis 102, 103. Therapeutic Techniques in Hypnotherapy: This work was developed by the Dr Ericson, who could assist biological changes such as growing breasts in people who did not move through puberty they way they wanted.  It has helped with conditions that are difficult to treat medically, because there is an emotional component, such as depression.  Also, addictions are easily treated once you have understood the reasons for your addiction.   

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Part 1: for beginners in hypnotherapy who wish to understand more about the transpersonal and how to integrate that into their practice.  

 Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Part 2, 3: Practical experience and more in depth understanding of Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy, Transformational Techniques.  

Since the ancient healing temples of Greece, and Egypt, and allows you to access stored memories and work with the deeper levels of consciousness.  In the hands of an experienced therapist, you will be able to engage your subconscious to work with you. You will be gently talked through a simple breathing process where you slow the mind down whilst relaxing the body.  Then you may do a guided visualisation.

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